With the outbreak of a coup and its power seizure in declined country gZh, a former military power, raises critical tension to World peace. Its military regime announced their threat on world power dangling the threat of nuclear weapons. Now the enemy has began preparations for unilateral military invasion to its neighboring county.

After failed UN peace talks, country gZh started positioning nuclear weapons for a launch that should be ready within 48 hours.

The United Nation commanded the scramble of secret G.H.O.S.T. squadron to stop the outbreak of all-out nuclear war that is about to be triggered.

As a member of Brave Fangs Aero Team of G.H.O.S.T., player scrambles to save the World from nuclear inferno.
The classic gAfter Burnerh (1987) now comes back as gAfter Burner Climaxh!!, incredible progression with hLINDBERGHh, CG board of next generation, that enables the realization of an explosive sense of speed and graphics of photorealistic quality.

Carry out difficult mission with high risk, penetrate the combat airspace at supersonic velocity under relentless missile attack from enemy. Simple control enables every player to have the feeling of gAvoiding & Shootingh exhilaration and thrill.

Experience the fun of piloting a fighter on the large motion cabinet that provides realistic response synchronized to in-game action!

Rock the enemy with control stick, shoot it down with a missileAccelerate the fighter by pushing the throttle leverReach the top speed with AB ignition

Experience the Climax of excitement!!

Quick & Sequential shoot down of enemy fighters brings success. Earn enough in climax gauge by the time the enemy shows up, and Climax Mode then becomes available by pushing the lever to the max!

With Climax Mode, breaking sound barrier, opens the world of super speed, slowing enemy motion to the eyes of player, and allowing destruction of multiple enemy fighters at once.

Missiles criss-cross in beautiful panoramic scenery and subsequent explosions in every direction --- significantly improved visuals appear on screen yet remain reminiscent of After Burner Original.

Connect cabinets for Co-operative Duel Play --- complete the critical commands by teaming up with another player to defeat enemy fighters, or compete against each other for the best score. Defeat the opponent by flying faster and shooting down quicker, dodging the fierce attack of enemy.
From boundless blue ocean, canyon grandeur, fantastic aurora unfurled over the sky to desert with vertical whirls of hot air and dynamic volcanoes ---fly through more than 20 authentic new stages of colorful scenery with various geographical characteristics featured.
Choose your fighter from among gF-14D Super Tomcath,gF-15E Strike Eagleh and gF/A-18E Super Horneth.
Completing the critical command by breaking through the enemy line gets harder as the stages advance!
Game Title F
Platform F
Genre F
Required # of Satellite F
Flight Shooting Game
1 or 2
Produced under license from Boeing Management Company.
Produced under license from Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation.
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